How long does it take to purchase items?

Customers can purchase in less than 15 seconds with Venmo, Cash App or card.

What security features are provided?

 Merchants can sell one, or multiple items per unit, in places where semi-honor is sufficient. Additionally, we provide an industrial strength adhesive lock and key with every unit.

Where should I place my machine?

Merchants can sell anywhere with porcelain (as power and data plan is not needed). Customer simply scans QR code, pays, and receives unlock code on their mobile device.

How much inventory can it hold?

Porcelain can be stacked in any quantity or configuration for your intended selling goals and inventory requirements.

How do I price my items?

Every machine includes a pen and labels for adding your own pricing.

What financial advantage does porcelain provide?

The compact size of each porcelain vending machine saves on operating expenses such as rent, shipping, and labor.