Adding a vending machine to Uber and other ride shares

Adding a mini vending machine in an uber can your increase earnings. However, it will depend on the cost and convenience of the machine, as well as its placement. People may be more likely to purchase items from a vending machine if it is easy to access and offers items at a reasonable price that are both desirable and practical for riding in a taxi. The success of the vending machine will also depend on the number of passengers and their willingness to purchase items from the machine.

What are some products passengers might enjoy?

  1. Bottled water
  2. Soft drinks
  3. Energy drinks
  4. Snacks (such as chips, chocolate, or granola bars)
  5. Fresh fruit
  6. Protein bars
  7. Coffee or tea
  8. Alcoholic beverages (such as beer or wine)
  9. Prepared meals (such as sandwiches or salads)
  10. Fresh juices or smoothies Please note that the availability of alcohol and prepared meals may vary depending on local laws and regulations.

Selling items inside a taxi or ride-sharing vehicle can potentially provide a captive audience for the products being sold, as passengers are likely to have time to browse and make a purchase while in the vehicle. Additionally, the convenience of being able to purchase items during a ride can be appealing to passengers. This can also be a source of additional revenue for the taxi or ride-sharing driver. Some good items to sell to vehicle passengers may include snacks, drinks, phone chargers, headphones, travel-size toiletries, books or magazines, and local souvenirs. These items can be useful or desirable to passengers during their trip and are often small enough to be easily stored in a vehicle. It’s also important to consider the local regulations and laws that may apply to the sale of items in a taxi or ride-sharing vehicle.

Porcelain vending machine can passively increase earnings on every Uber and Lyft route driven.