Adding a vending machine to your AirBnB

Adding a mini vending machine to your Airbnb is a great way to increase earnings, but it depends on how it is utilized. The mini vending machine should ideally offer items that are desirable to the Airbnb guests, such as travel-sized toiletries, snacks and drinks, as well as any locally-made products that could be of interest. Additionally, setting a reasonable price for the items could help to increase revenue.

Benefits of putting a vending machine in your AirBnB:

  1. Convenience for guests: Having a vending machine on the premises can provide guests with a quick and easy way to purchase snacks and other essentials, which can be especially useful if they arrive late at night or don’t have time to go to a store.
  2. Increased revenue: Vending machines can generate additional revenue for the Airbnb host by providing guests with an opportunity to purchase items at a markup.
  3. Reduced need for interaction: Having a vending machine can reduce the need for guests to interact with the host or other guests, which can be beneficial for both parties.
  4. Low maintenance: Vending machines are relatively low maintenance and can be stocked and serviced by a professional vending machine company.
  5. 24/7 availability: Vending machines are available 24/7, so guests can purchase items whenever they need them.

What advantage does Porcelain provide for AirBnB hosts?

A small vending machine like Porcelain has the advantage of being more compact and able to fit in smaller spaces, making it more versatile in terms of location options. Additionally, Porcelain vending machines have lower costs for initial purchase and ongoing maintenance.

Passively increase your revenue as a host with an airbnb vending machine